Belly Belly Bizzy

Dear fans/readers,

You probably have been waiting for some new content. I love to write my blogs and would love to spend more time on sharing with you my experiences.

For now, I have to take a break due to my thesis. I have been extremely busy with writing my thesis. For the interested: My thesis is about a young lady that committed suicide in 2015. Her name was Matsuri Takahashi. She was a 24 year old who just finished her study at Tokyo University and right after her graduation she joined Dentsu Inc. Here she worked 9 months with abnormal long hours everyday. On Christmas night, December 25th 2015, Matsuri Takahashi decided to no longer go to work and she leaped from her apartment. 

Her case has stirred something in the Japanese society that has intrigued mean made me want to know more and conduct research upon this case.

This might be a topic that I would love to discuss in my blog here. My submission date is 5th of December, I might write my blog after that. For now, please be patient. More Japanese life blogs are coming :). 

And please if you have any topics, ideas, comments, criticism, or whatever, feel free to comment down below or fill in the feedback form. 

As always I appreciate your interests and your comments. Much appreciated! Arigatou gozaimasu!


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